The Illinois Math and Science Academy combines rigorous education of talented students with innovative approaches to teaching, particularly in mathematics and the natural sciences.  However, as its mission statement makes clear, the Academy also strives to train students who will ultimately advance the human condition.  The Grand Challenges Project seeks to expand IMSA’s commitment to this goal, to direct the energies of the Academy and its students towards the solution of specific global problems, problems that involve significant scientific or technical issues.  After choosing three such “Grand Challenges,” the Academy community will pursue them along three major strategic avenues:



Co Curricular Work 

While each of these approaches has a distinct place in the project, they will clearly overlap.  This is desirable, for the ultimate goal of the initiative is to provide IMSA with a new sense of unity and purpose.  The Academy will continue to provide its students with rigorous academic experiences and research opportunities, but the Grand Challenges Project will combine those activities with a spirit of social entrepreneurship.  IMSA will train bright students to solve problems that vex humanity by giving them the opportunity, and the wherewithal, to confront those problems during their three years at the Academy.