Mathematical Investigations is a four-semester algebra II/pre-calculus sequence of courses. MI-2 is the second course in this sequence. Prior to entry into MI-2, you should be able to demonstrate a strong background in Algebra and Geometry. This background includes a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts in disciplines, a demonstrated ability with algebraic skills and geometric reasoning, and schemata which encourages mathematical thinking. Upon successful completion of MI-4 or its equivalent, you will enter a calculus sequence.

This second course in the sequence (MI-2) will concentrate on the study of matrices, linear thinking, functions, relations and equations, sequences, and exponential functions. In addition to the regular class work, each week you will be given Problem Sets.  See the first Problem Set for general expectations. You are permitted and encouraged to obtain help with the concepts on these sets from books, the teachers, other students, and the mathematics department instructional program aides.  However, each student is responsible for turning in his or her own work.  The use of calculators and computer software is encouraged.