This semester long course is comprised of multiple motor skills to produce further development and success in games and sports.  Students will actively participate in athletic opportunities and leisure-time activities to build on the skill and health-related fitness experiences introduced in the sophomore curriculum.  Activities will include games and activities from invasion, net/wall, striking/fielding and/or target categories. Students will be exposed to the tactical approach to learning games and activities drawing connections of both the strategies and skills associated with the games in each category.  They will become thinking players, learning to react to and deal with the challenge presented in a game situation.  This approach to learning game play provides quality opportunities for the student to give and receive feedback.  
Grading will be based on the student’s ability to be proficient in the course content, knowledge and/or skills. The proficiency scale is: Highly Proficient=4 points; Proficient=3 points; Developing=2 points; Beginning =1 point; and Missing =0 points. Students have the opportunity to revise or complete a similar assessment where they earn less than a 4.0 score. Revisions must be submitted in a timely manner. Revisions are due at the beginning of class, two (2) class sessions from the date the assessment is returned. Submissions received after the second class session will be graded, but will not yield a change in the student’s earned score.  Students who do not submit an assessment will earn a zero (0) or missing (MP) score, appropriately. Learning Responsibility, Personal Wellness Reflection, and some sections of the Cumulative Quiz are not eligible for revision.  All Wellness courses are graded A - D.