The lifeguarding class is a certification program through the American Red Cross for those students at least 15 years of age on or before the last scheduled session, and wishing to be lifeguards at summer pools or at IMSA for work service.  There are two swimming pre-requisites for this course which all students must successfully complete the first class session.  They are:

  1. Swim 300 yards continuously demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing. Candidates may swim using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both but swimming on the back or side is not allowed. Must demonstrate the ability to swim front crawl and breaststroke.(Swim Goggles ARE permitted for this portion)
  1. Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs. Candidates should place their hands under the armpits.
  1. Timed Event:  Swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to a depth of 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10 pound object, return to the surface, and swim 20 yards back to the starting point with the object.  Exit the pool without using steps or ladder. Timed event must be completed in 1 minute 40 seconds or less.

(Swim Goggles are NOT Permitted for this portion)

 There are two certifications earned with the successful completion of this course:  Lifeguard Training and First Aid, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer (all valid for 2 years).  This course is combined with Water Polo.


In this beginning level course, basic rules, techniques, and strategies of water polo will be discussed, demonstrated, and implemented in game situations.  Elements of the tactical games approach to understanding sports will be used.  Olympic water polo videos will be shown.  Students will be assessed on skill and strategy improvement through use of video-taping. Ability to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) and tread water for at least two minutes is required.  This course is combined with Lifeguarding.